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The Painter X Wow! Book 2007 г Мягкая обложка, 432 стр ISBN 0321503252 инфо 13619h.

The Painter X Wow! Book continues to delight Painter fans with its many exciting, inspiring examples and techniques for creating fine art, photography, graphic design, multimedia, and film In this new editionачббб, bestselling author and renowned artist Cher Threinen-Pendarvis takes her readers step-by-step through this revolutionary program, revealing the best practices of numerous digital artists With her clear, instructive approach, Cher quickly gets beginners up to speed aбжяярnd provides more advanced users with additional insight on the latest creative and productive techniques New to this edition is coverage of Painter’s latest tools, including the new RealBristle Painting System, Universal Mixer palette, Match Palette effect, Workspace Manager, an enhanced Photo-Painting System, and new composition tools This invaluable resource gives you: • Numerous full-color images and illustrative techniques throughout, created by renowned Painter artists worldwiбпфцбde • Insider knowledge of Painter’s tools, brushes, functions, and preferences from the creator of hundreds of default brushes in Corel Painter • Step-by-step instructions for creating artwork in a wide range of industries including commercial illustration and design, photography, fine arts, multimedia, Web design, and entertainment • Coverage of the new RealBristle Painting System, a revolutionary system for replicating the sensation of the interaction between the artist’s brush, the paint, and the canvas • A CD-ROM containing a trial version of Corel Painter X, stock photos, video clips, a study guide for instructors, and over 100 unique custom brushes, plus new papers, patterns, and lighting effects built by Cher herself.