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New Headway English Course Серия: Headway инфо 6224i.

New Headway English Course takes the successful Headway series into an exciting new era It introduces new features to challenge adult and young adult students and ensure that learning English is interesting aачгбжnd motivating The course c6mbines the best of traditional methods with more recent approaches, to help students use English both accurately and fluently Learners at the upper-intermediate level require a different approach It is no longer appropriate to examine langбзбффuage items in isolation In New Headway Upper-Intermediate, grammatical areas are treated in greater depth so that students begin to perceive the systems that underlie the language This new upper-intermediate course provides around 120 hours of language learning It follows on from New Headway Intermediate, and together with Headway Elementary, Headway Pre-lntermediate, and Headway Advanced, provides a fully comprehensive language teaching series Авторы Джон Сорз John Soars Лиз бпхфщСорз Liz Soars.